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Card Reader Service for 80-Column IBM Punch Cards

Recovery service for your legacy data and programs

Possibly the last business on Earth that can turn your punch cards back into a database.

open to the public — and the world

since 2005

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Do you have old data or old programs on 80-column keypunch cards?

We handle punch cards from diverse backgrounds: Old corporate databases, business records, financial accounts,
historical archives, software, dissertations, and raw data from the sciences are all locked away in this cryptic outdated format. We can convert them to electronic form.

Modern data processing can bring your punch cards back to life. Your data deserves to be more visible, more accessible, more readable, more searchable.

We read computer punch cards. Let us recover your lost data for you.

Method 2: Self-Serve (by-email)
We plan to raise our prices
when the stock market goes up.
Order now and save.

Method 2: Card Reading over Internet, using your Scanner.

Unlike our competition, we let you read your own cards, using inexpensive office equipment.
If you have a scanner, you can recover your data today. :^)

Self-serve. You scan the cards and send us the scanned images; we do the rest.

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Best option for international clients.

This method is intended for archivists. 10,000 card minimum.

Price: per card + $3 setup fee.
No minimum — we can do 10 cards or 10 boxes.

Free Trial Run: Before you commit to sending us all your cards, first scan just 5 cards and e-mail the TIFF images to us, as a trial run. We’ll convert them to text and e-mail the results to you, at no charge, so you can see how well they come out.

Free Trial and Scanning Instructions


Method 1: Full Service (by-mail)

Method 1: Card Reading by Mail.

Full service. Simply ship the cards to us, and we’ll do all the work.

Price: per card + $3 setup fee + return postage.
No minimum — we can do 10 cards or 10 boxes.
Minimum order: cards.
US Shipping is as low as per standard box (12 pounds).

Sale Price: per card!!!
One week only — you must postmark your cards on or before .
The post office closes Saturday at noon. How’s the boxing coming?
This sale is for new customers only (existing contacts are not eligible).

New Customer Sale
• Save 1.5¢ per card •
(click for details)

Free Trial Run: Before you commit to sending us all your cards, first photocopy just 3 cards and mail the paper copies to us, as a trial run. We’ll convert them to text and e-mail the results to you, at no charge, so you can see how well they come out. (Instructions)

Features and Sample Output

Need help with mailing? Searching for the Perfect Box?
Let us send you our easy shipping kit.

FAQ #17: A customer asks: "Couldn’t I just train a student to read the holes in the cards?" (See answer)

If your cards have historical value or are irreplaceable, so that you wouldn’t want them out of your custody, you should use Method 2 below.

Vintage Punch Cards for Sale

Punch Cards for Sale.

Some are fancy, some are plain, some are punched, some are new.
Some contain mathematical formulas.
These collector’s items from the early computer era are available in limited quantities.
The perfect gift for techies and mad scientists.

Price: for $1 and up

See the Samples

Format Conversion

Full Data Conversion to modern comma-separated (CSV) format, the preferred import format for Excel, MySQL, and other popular spreadsheets and databases.

Fully automated — your data is never touched by human hands and human typos.
We can even reformat 80-column text files — no punch cards needed.

Price: add per card + $10 setup fee.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Floods happen! Your cards can get mold and mildew ! Protect your data by converting to a waterproof disc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do not fold, spindle or mutilate this web page. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let a perfectionist do the work. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Did you know: If you punched 1 gigabyte of information onto punch cards, it would weigh 37 tons, and would fill a medium sized bedroom, wall to wall, floor to ceiling. The chads alone would weigh 1 to 2 tons. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More accurate than a team of typists! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Animation: The Power of Modern Computing. Digital Image Processing for accuracy a machine can’t match. Statistical Anomaly Detection helps you find typos and points of interest in your data. Colorized Output for easy reading. There has never been a better time to have your punch cards read. Aren’t you glad you waited?

This business accepts PayPal for completely paperless, total electronic service

We accept major credit cards via PayPal

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Hollerith you need us! ;^)

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We’re proud to say all labor is done in the USA.
This is one business that’s not going overseas.

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